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A Sustainable
Community Development


CrossRoads is a 250 acre sustainable community development located in  Woodstock, New Brunswick. A mixed use community that will consist of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional components.


Think of it as urban living in a rural environment.

What We're Doing


Why We're Doing it

Urban sprawl has done substantial damage to the environment, severed social connections, and made commute times extremely high. 

Sustainable community design aims at preserving the environment, increasing human connection, and reducing commute times. 

Individual Homes

There are several single-home lots available with the option to get pre-designed houses built upon them


Our energy efficient 2 bedroom apartments are in two three storey buildings on Ironwood Drive

Commercial lots

Eventually we want to have all our amenities in one place. Currently, we  have several spaces designated as commercial lots

A Cohesive Community 

Closer housing, shared spaces and less commute time means more time can be spent with family and friends

How it Works 

Residents live in more compact spaces in exchange for shared green space, a more tightly knit community, and less distance between amenities.

While it may seem like smaller sized lots are a drawback, it is actually what helps create a more cohesive community while protecting the environment. 

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